We are delighted to announce that 26% of our GCSE cohort achieved grade 9 to 8 this year, up 6% from 2019 which was the last time students sat their GCSE examinations.  Pupils being awarded 9 to 7 grades was also up 6% on 2019 results with 45% achieving these results.

Mr Matthew Mostyn, Headmaster said, “The dedication, perseverance and determination the pupils have shown throughout the last two years has been so impressive.  In a time which none of us could ever have imagined, they have worked hard to achieve their best and this is shown today.  All the staff at St Edmund’s and I are very proud of them”.

Other topline results are that 18% of pupils sitting English Literature received Grade 9s whilst our modern foreign languages were our highest performing subjects. Six pupils, evenly split between boys and girls achieved 43 grade 9s between them with the rest of their results all being grade 7 and 8’s.

Incoming Deputy Head Academic, Mrs Sarah Sanders, commented, “Our focus is on the individual pupil and finding a pathway for them to achieve their best is something that happens as part of their daily lives from when they join in Elements (Year 7).  These results are testament to that and whilst I can take no credit for them I very much look forward to seeing what they and all our new pupils will do as they now start their A Levels”.

Congratulations to all pupils.