St Edmund’s 2017 A Level Results

This year, in the first cohort of the new linear A Levels, St Edmund’s College students have performed very well and in line with expectations, with a good proportion achieving straight A* or A grades. Of all entries, 31% were grades A* or A. Despite reports of fewer acceptances by universities, nearly all of our students have secured places at universities of their choice, with one successful Cambridge acceptance and 38% at the prestigious Russell Group. The results are testament to the staff and students’ consistent hard work, dedication and commitment to their A Level studies over the past two years. They have risen to the challenge and been duly rewarded.

The International Baccalaureate cohort scored higher than the world average in all subjects except one, and their average was 33, with no student scoring less than 32.

Michael Stephens-Jones secured his place at Cambridge University with an Organ Scholarship, Xiaoqi Chen achieved three A* and one A grades, Katya Kosheleva, Kathryn Salter-Kay and Augusta Thorneycroft achieved straight A*/A grades, and Callum Barrett, Oliver Watson, Jenny Wilson As and Bs.

The Headmaster, Paulo Durán said, “We say goodbye to a wonderful cohort of students ready to take on the challenges and opportunities ahead of them; congratulations on achieving such great results and securing such competitive and exciting courses”.

Photo details – Left to right

Christina Thorneycroft (Goffs Oak), Christian Wolff (Hertford), Ben Birchall (Cuffley), Oliver Watson (Cheshunt), Augusta Thorneycroft (Goffs Oak)