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Throughout the week there are many opportunities for prayer at the College either voluntary or as part of tutor, House or year groups.


Morning Prayers

As a Catholic College, we believe that starting the day with prayer is vital.  This is done either in tutor groups, House Assemblies, Headmaster’s Assembly or in Chapel.  Each tutor group has a prayer book and list of resources to use in their prayer time, spend time in quiet reflection and pray for things that are of particular concern to you.  In the House assemblies, students will be asked to read a prayer from the House prayer book which is made up written by students in the House.  Each tutor group takes a turn at delivering Chapel prayers.  This could involve preparing the prayers, reading, putting together a Powerpoint presentation or a drama and choosing the hymn.



Mass is central to our community worship.  It is celebrated every Sunday int he College Chapel and all are welcome to join our boarding community.

Elements, Rudiments and Grammar also have a year Mass every fortnight.  Each tutor group takes a turn at preparing the Mass.  Students will be involved in choosing readings, servers and those doing the offertory and bidding prayers.  Any staff or parents who are free at this time are welcome to attend.


Voluntary Mass

There is a Mass every Friday during period 7.  You can choose Mass as an activity and go once a week or you can get permission to go to Mass instead of your usual activity.


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