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The Chaplaincy is central to the spiritual life of the College; in fact, it is involved in so many aspects of College life that it is difficult to know where to start!

Essentially, the Chaplaincy aims to help students, both as groups and individuals, become more aware of and confident in the spiritual aspects of their lives. Whether in becoming involved in Chapel, running an activity during Charity Week, seeking some guidance and support when things get a bit difficult or becoming more formally involved in the Church through confirmation, baptism, ordination or canonisation.  The College Chaplaincy is there to support all students throughout their time at St Edmund’s.

The John Southworth Chaplaincy is in a newly refurbished space in the Ambulacrum and is open to all at break and lunchtimes for students to drop in.


Chaplaincy Committee

The Chaplaincy Committee is formed from a group of students from all year groups and meets regularly, supporting the religious life of the College.  Students don’t have to be Catholic to be a member of the committee.


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