Religious Education

Head of Department: Mrs A Moloney BA (Hons) (Surrey), PGCE (Roehampton)


At St Edmund’s, Religious Education is a compulsory subject for all students. As England’s oldest Catholic school, the education of its students in Catholic belief and practice has always been at the core of the College’s curriculum, and is summarised in the College’s motto, ‘Avita pro Fide’, For the Faith of our Fathers. Catholic parents who entrust the education of their children to St Edmund’s College have a right to expect that this education will be authentically Catholic and educationally sound, and at least as good as that which they will receive in other subjects.

We aim to give our students a deeper knowledge and understanding of their Faith, which will support them in responding to the grace of God to continue its practice. The whole syllabus is based on the ‘Catechism of the Catholic Church’. The results of public and internal examinations in knowledge and understanding of Catholic belief and practice are included in the overall measure of student progress.

Some students at St Edmund’s are not Catholics. We welcome them to the College and we presume that their parents, having sent them to a Catholic school, are happy that their children will be taught Catholic faith and practice. We hope that they will acquire a deeper knowledge and understanding of the beliefs which have motivated our community for over 400 years. The parents of non-Catholic children can be confident that the integrity of their children’s consciences will be respected, as all assessment of RE work is based on knowledge, understanding and an ability to evaluate Catholic faith and practice, not on personal beliefs.

In the lower classes of the College, a general curriculum in Catholic belief and practice is studied, using the ‘Way, Truth and Life’ syllabus, published by the Catholic Truth Society as a basic resource.

Spiritual Life

Of course, apart from academic course in ‘Religious Education’, the department is fully involved in the general religious life of the College, enhancing its spiritual and moral development. Students are prepared for First Holy Communion, Confirmation and Reception into the Church. Retreat Days and Pilgrimages are organised, and practical expressions of commitment to the Faith include the Jubilee Group and Community Service Group. Help and support is also given with the preparation for Morning and Evening Prayers.

There is much emphasis on liturgical preparation, with students taking a full part in the Masses and other services, and undertaking altar serving and sacristy work in our magnificent Pugin Chapel.

  • GCSE Religious Education
  • A Level Religious Education/Theology