Head of Psychology: – Mr N Eliasson MTL (BCU) BSc (Herts) PGCE (Cantab)​

Psychology is currently offered as an Advanced Level course only. The increasing fascination that society has with Psychology is reflected in its popularity at AS and A2 Level. Degree courses in Psychology, Sociology and Criminology can follow from the studying the subject with careers in forensics, or as a health or sports psychologist beyond that.

Students are taught the OCR syllabus, traditionally considered the most academic of the three examination boards offering the subject. There are three examined modules for the AS course and for those wishing to study the subject at A2 Level, a further three.

Learning materials

It is expected that for every lesson a student has, he or she spends an equal amount of time on independent learning tasks. Supplementing the course textbook are two online facilities. All students can access the Psychology shared file remotely. Using Ranger Outpost- students, parents and guardians can see almost all of the classroom material in this way.

PowerPoint presentations, assessments and examination hints are all readily available. This ensures that students can check their understanding against any notes they may have taken during lessons. Another website that offers support is This facility covers all of the AS course and some A2 material.

  • AS Psychology
  • A2 Psychology