Media Studies

Head of Department: Mr L Woodward  BA (Hons) (Bournemouth)

In a media dominated world, control of the dissemination of information is hugely powerful. Quite simply, we can be led to believe that black is indeed white by virtue of being fed selective news and information and, as recent events have shown, popular opinion can be made to follow the path chosen for it by those who control the media. For this reason alone it is a foolish person who chooses to be uninformed about how the media works and a wise one who learns about it.

We have therefore introduced Media Studies A Level at St Edmund’s College to allow students to develop a sophisticated understanding of how the media functions and how they can influence lives. Media Studies is very much an up-to-the-moment field in which the ground is shifting constantly under the pressure of new media technologies, greater need for information and new developments in the related arts.

The course is ideal for students who have interests in English, Technology and the creative arts but that should not discourage students with a portfolio of other subjects. Some of the work is theoretical, studying the media institutions and developing a critical, analytical approach to looking at the media. However, many students are drawn to the practical coursework element which offers options in Film Making, Radio, Print and Internet Website Development.

One of the pleasures of studying the media is that it can empower students, both as consumers and as producers of the media. The importance of this in the modern world cannot be overstated.

  • A Level Media Studies