Head of Department: Ms L Nye BA (Sussex), PGCE (Reading)

The Languages Department comprises both modern foreign languages – French, German, Spanish, Italian – and classics – Latin. French is taught to all students in Elements (Year 7). In Rudiments (Year 8), all students start a second foreign language – German, Spanish or Latin, which they study at least until the end of KS3. Italian is offered to the most able linguists as a third foreign language in Grammar (Year 9).

At KS4 the students will be able to choose one, two or even three of the languages they may have studied at KS3 as their GCSE option(s) (the study of at least one language will be compulsory at this stage).

In Rhetoric (Sixth Form), the students have the opportunity to continue with any of the languages they will have studied at GCSE or do a combination of any two or three if they wish. The uptake at A Level has been very healthy so far and we hope to build on our present success.

As a department, we consistently achieve a 90+ % A*-C pass-rate at GCSE, with optional languages achieving mainly 100% A*-C grades. At A Level, we are one of the most successful departments in the College. Every year a significant proportion of our students go on to university to study for degrees in or involving foreign languages


The Languages department has its own area of fully equipped classrooms.  We also have access to other College facilities such as the ICT rooms and the Library with printed periodicals and newspapers, etc. In terms of human resources, there are five full-time language teachers, three part-timers and three full-time language assistants in French, German and Spanish.

Extra-curricular activities

A number of trips are organised throughout the year to enhance the students’ linguistic experience through exposure to the living culture – or history in the case of Latin – of each particular linguistic community.

Gifted and Talented and Enrichment Programme

For the past two years, our best linguists have had the opportunity to prepare themselves for an extra qualification: the European Certificate in French or DELF (Diplôme d’études en langue française), at levels A2 or B1, depending on the students’ age and experience in the language. It has been very encouraging to see that a few Rhetoricians whose timetable could not accommodate French chose instead to enrol on the DELF programme, delivered during the Activities period.

  • GCSE MFL (Modern Foreign Languages)
  • A Level Modern Languages
  • A Level Latin