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GCSE Science

GCSE Science

Head of Department: Miss M Towns BSc UWE

The main aim of Science is to ignite in the students a passion to find about the world they live in, to challenge and be challenged by the complexity of what makes up all things in the Universe. The Science department encompasses the three separate disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It is housed in a block of nine laboratories which have currently undergone a major refurbishment and include dedicated preparation and support facilities. There are two additional sixth form conference rooms.  There is an enthusiastic team of twelve specialist teachers supported by three technicians. Science is taught as a combined discipline in Year’s 7 and 8, but as separate subjects by specialist teachers from Year 9 onwards.



Element and Rudiment (Year 7 and 8) students follow the Activate Science Scheme of learning with an emphasis on the acquisition of relevant skills and scientific exploration.  Activate is a two-year course which provides an outstanding foundation for AQA GCSE Science.  It is accompanied by an online textbook and resources via Keboodle.  In addition to this students have access to SAMLearning which supports and challenges students understanding of the fundamental concepts of Science. Element and Rudiment Science Topics.


Biology Chemistry Physics
Cells and Cell Division Properties of Matter Waves
Transport in cells Chemical Changes (acids) Energy
Circulation Atomic Structure & Periodic Table Forces
Non-communicable diseases Rates of Reaction Energy Calculations
Digestion Bonding, Structure & Properties Observing and Recording Motion
Communicable diseases Organic Chemistry Electricty
Respiration Chemical Changes (metals) Domestic Electricity
Nervous system Quantitative Chemistry Newton’s Laws
Homeostasis Chemistry of the Atmosphere Atomic Structure
Reproduction Water and Resources Radioactivity
Plants Electrolysis Particle Model of Matter
Photosynthesis Using Resources Magnetism and Electromagnetism
Ecology and Ecosystems Energy Changes Optics
Biodiversity Equilibria Space
Genetics and Inheritance
Classification and Variation
Evidence for Evolution


GCSE Specification: AQA Triple Science & AQA Combined Science: Trilogy (9-1)

We follow the AQA specification from Grammar (Year 9). We offer students the chance to study Combined Science (Trilogy) worth two GCSE’s or three separate sciences at GCSE: Biology, Chemistry and Physics worth three GCSE’s.Standards in the department are high, with all students encouraged to achieve of their best in Science no matter what their ability. Academic results are excellent and there are numerous opportunities to take part in extra-curricular Science.The sciences are taught as discrete subjects by subject specialist staff in dedicated laboratories.

  • Develop curiosity and enthusiasm for Science.
  • Develop a critical approach.
  • Apply skills, knowledge and understanding of Working Scientifically.
  • Provide a base for further study in Science.


Course Outline

All Grammar (year 9) students will start and complete the AQA course over three years. All students will be taught the same content and will follow the Combined Science: Trilogy route. At the end of the Grammar year (9) we will decide if they should continue with the Combined Science: Trilogy route, or complete the extra material needed to achieve a separate GCSE in Biology, Chemistry and Physics (Triple Science).


Course Content

Biology Chemistry Physics
Cell Biology Atomic structure and the periodic table Energy
Organisation Bondng, structure and properties of matter Electricity
Infection and response Quantitative Chemistry Particle model of matter
Bioenergetics Chemical changes Atomic structure
Homeostasis and response Energy Changes Forces
Inheritance The rate and extent of chemical change Waves
Variation and evolution Organic Chemistry Magnetism and electromagnets
Ecology Chemical Analysis Space
Chemistry of the Atmosphere
Using resources

The following Papers are taken

Combined Science: Trilogy:

  • Biology Paper 1 (75 minutes) + Paper 2 (75 minutes)
  • Chemistry Paper 1 (75 minutes) + Paper 2 (75 minutes)
  • Physics Paper 1 (75 minutes) + Paper 2 (75 minutes)

Triple Science:

  • Biology Paper 1 (105 minutes) + Paper 2 (105 minutes)
  • Chemistry Paper 1 (105 minutes) + Paper 2 (105 minutes)
  • Physics Paper 1 (105 minutes) + Paper 2 (105 minutes)

There is no controlled assessment or coursework element with AQA Biology, Chemistry, Physics or Combined Science: Trilogy.


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