Business Studies & Economics

Head of Department: Mr C Upton, BA (Hons) (Durham), PGCE (Sunderland)

In the increasingly competitive and challenging work environment of the 21st Century, Business and Economics provide students with an invaluable stepping stone to their future careers. At St Edmund’s we offer Business Studies at GCSE and A Level and Economics at A Level.  Both are popular subjects, with students achieving strong grades in external exams and enjoying opportunities to participate in a range of enrichment activities.

The Department aims to stimulate interest in how businesses work, at the individual, national and global level providing pupils with a sound knowledge of business and economic principles in order that they can develop the ability to think as young entrepreneurs and enlightened economists.

There is also a strong focus on students applying their knowledge to the real world and developing skills that they are likely to use in their future careers both in the classroom and through extra-curricular activities. In recent years we have successfully participated in inter-school competitions such as the Coca-Cola challenge, welcomed guest speakers and run field trips to local businesses and internationally, most recently to New York.   

The Department’s aims are to:

  • Enable students to critically examine the aims, objectives and practices of business organisations from their economic, environmental and social perspectives
  • Develop an understanding of the methods and language used for decision making in Business Studies and Economics
  • Provide opportunities to examine the implications of complex and changing situations in the economy
  • Enable students to understand and interpret information in verbal, numerical and graphical format, and present their findings through written communication and with the use of ICT
  • Encourage students to develop personal qualities such as initiative, self-confidence and independence.

Students are supported in their studies with a range of resources including both text books and online resources through the school VLE.

Students are also encouraged to read the business news daily; the Department subscribes to both “The Financial Times” and “The Economist”.  A-Level Students are also encouraged to access library resources from the Phillip Allan reviews on Business Studies and Economics that are designed to give them key practical examination advice and theoretical knowledge.

Courses Offered

  • GCSE Business Studies (Edexcel)
  • GCSE Business Studies (OCR – current Year 11 only)
  • A Level Business Studies (Edexcel)