Prep Life

Creating a love of learning

Creating the right attitude to learning from a young age will help to create a lifelong thirst for knowledge.

We do not try to rush our children towards learning. We allow them to be attracted by it. At this age, knowledge is accumulated at a ferocious rate and our role is to channel this energy into a pathway that leads to continuous development. This is delivered through a balanced programme of projects and activities, play times and quiet, reflective times.

Our experienced and committed teachers are passionate about ensuring that each child is happy and has the confidence to complete a range of tasks and challenges. We stimulate curiosity by setting topic based projects and take part in College science activities for example, a CSI crime science investigation workshops to give just one example.  Children are most receptive when they are happy. Our days are designed to be fun so that lessons are learned intuitively in an atmosphere of excitement and curiosity.

A Foundation Curriculum

The broad and balanced curriculum covers six areas: Personal, Social and Emotional Development; Communication; Language and Literacy; Mathematical Development; Knowledge and Understanding of the World; Physical Development and Creative Development.

The Prep sees a more formal approach to learning with a core curriculum alongside subjects such as French, Drama and Music