New Student Welcome Information

Welcome to our new students.  We are so looking forward to welcoming you to the College in September and it is sad that we have not been able to do the usual things to help you prepare to move to the College.  Therefore we have put this section of the website together for you (and your parents and guardians might find it useful too)!

We hope all this information and videos will help answer questions you may have but if the answer isn’t here contact us and we will answer it!  The best way to ask questions is at the welcome evening or to email us over the summer holidays using

Below is a map of the College which will help you find your way around.  Have a look around so that things will look a little more familiar when you get here in September.   Scroll down and you will find lots of useful videos, messages from current Elements that joined last year and also information regarding uniform, what to bring and much more. Father Peter Lyness, Resident Priest, has also created a welcome message which you can watch here.

Who's Who?

There are going to be lots of new faces when you join the College so here are some of the teachers that you will be seeing a lot more of.

What to wear to school?

Well let’s start at the beginning; uniform.

It is important that you have the correct uniform and that you look smart every day.  We have sent your parents information about buying your uniform and over the summer you will visit the uniform shop or you may buy it all online.

Uniform lists can be found here.

Visit Stevensons website here

Shoes should be black and not a trainer style of shoe.  There is likely to be more walking at the College than perhaps you have done at your current school and in the winter you will be outside at break, you may have to walk to the bus stop so we recommend a sensible, strong shoe.  Some examples can be seen here.

Once you have all your uniform and sports kit (which will all have been named please) your job is to look after it.  Your sports kit bag should be stored in your locker when you do not need it so you know exactly where it is.  We know that you may lose some items so all sports kit is gathered together and kept in Butler Hall for reuniting with you.  Other items may also be sent here so you can collect.  If you cannot find any lost items speak to your form teacher or Miss Simon who will help you but we do encourage you to have a look for it first.

We know many wonder what type of school bag you should have.  You will need a sturdy bag as you will have to carry your books between lessons and too and from school.  Rucksacks are really useful and you may have any colour or style that you wish.  Girls often like a large tote bag style which is fine but remember it does need to be sturdy and often these don’t zip up so things can fall out.

What to bring to school

Essential equipment for your school day

Being organised, prepared and having everything you need with you for all lessons will help you stay on track with your lessons, reduce the worry for you and ensure you don’t miss work as you couldn’t find your equipment.  Therefore you must bring the following equipment to school every day:

  • Swipe card and lanyard (you will be issued with this in your first week)
  • Prep diary
  • Reading book
  • Calculator for Maths and Science
  • Maths set (compass, protractor, set square, etc.)
  • Bilingual dictionary for your choice of foreign language (French/Spanish/German)
  • Pencils
  • Pens (blue, black, green and red)
  • Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • Ruler

Keep it all together in a good-sized pencil case which you can keep in your school bag.

Arriving at school

The following video will help you know what to do and where to go when you arrive at school be it by car and being dropped off at the front of the College or on the school bus.


An example of your typical daily timetable (subject to change with activities)

8.40am - 9.00am Registration
9.00am - 9.50am Period One
9.50am - 10.40am Period Two
10.40am - 11.00am Break
11.00am - 11.50am Period Three
11.50am - 12.30pm Period Four
12.30pm - 1.35pm Lunch
1.35pm - 1.45pm Registration
1.45pm - 2.35pm Period Five
2.35pm - 3.25pm Period Six
3.30pm - 4.30pm Activity

Your timetable is going to be so useful so keep it with you at all times.  You will be given a personalised timetable at the start of term and asked to stick this into your planner (don’t worry you’ll also be given this!) but you can also view it on the VLE (which you can view on your phone too if you have one) so is always accessible to you.

Morning routine for Elements

Monday:            Elements Assembly in Talbot House (Week A) or College Assembly in Douay Hall (Week B)
Tuesday:            Morning Prayers in the Chapel
Wednesday:     Registration with your tutor
Thursday:          Registration with your tutor
Friday:               House Assemblies

We have a two-week timetable and the different weeks are called Week A and Week B. You might have different lessons on Week A and Week B so you will need to check your timetable carefully when you pack your bag for the next day to make sure that you have the right books.

Tuesday’s are a little different in the afternoon to allow more time for your set programme of House activities and also as you get older for other activities such as CCF (Combined Cadet Force) and the St Edmund’s Award.

1.35pm   –   1.40pm             Registration
1.40pm   –   2.30pm             Period 5
2.30pm   –   3.20pm             Tutor period (Mass/PSHE/Tutor)
3.20pm   –   4.35pm             Set programme of activities in your House

Lunch - Where, when, how?

We know that lunch is such an important part of the day!  Therefore we try and make this as easy as possible to new Elements.  You have your lunch every day at the same time, 12.30pm, whilst all other year groups are on a daily rota.

At 12.30pm your lesson finishes, you should put your bags in your lockers in your House area and make your way to the Refectory.  Every day, the menu is displayed on the screen at the entrance (the weekly menu can also be found on the website too).

Each day a nutritious selection is provided catering to different tastes and dietary requirements.  The following video should help you:

Your House and your locker

When you join the College you are allocated to a House which you will stay in throughout your time at the College and your Elements form is also aligned to your House.   The teaching staff of both the Form and House (and of course Miss Simon the Head of Elements) are very important as will help and guide you throughout your time at the College.

Below is a short video about the Houses, where they are and very importantly, how to open your locker!

Mobile phones

We totally understand that mobile phones are an important part of your life and therefore we allow you to bring your phone to school every day.  You should keep your phone in your locker during lessons and can only use it during break and lunchtimes in the House areas.  You must not walk around the corridors or outside with your phone.

Miss Simon's Top Tips

  1. Always have breakfast. Your brain needs fuel to stay focused and achieve your best. Have a bottle of water in your bag.
  2. Be punctual. Make sure that you are always on time to lessons and registration.
  3. Be organised: pack your bag the night before with everything that you will need for the next day (including any special equipment for specific subjects).
  4. Check that your pencil case always contains the following: pen, pencil, ruler and rubber. A glue stick and colouring pencils are also useful.
  5. Use your locker effectively and keep it tidy.
  6. Always keep a reading book in your bag.
  7. Write down your prep correctly in your diary and remember to include the day that it is due in.
  8. Do not leave all your prep until the night before it is due. Do it on the day that it is set.
  9. If you are unsure about your prep, ASK someone: a friend, a Rhetoric student or your teacher.
  10. Remember that your teachers are people too. Talk to them and they will help you, they only want the best for you!

And finally…don’t forget to smile.

It may not seem like much, but it can bring changes in other people’s attitudes all around you. It will also make you appear a friendly, happy, fun and warm person. You will have some new friends soon enough if you keep a good attitude, and keep smiling!

Information, Communication and Technology

Technology is so important and really helps our learning and therefore we have lots of resources that you will get used to using that will support you every day from checking your timetable, keeping track of any prep that has been set and also lots of online learning resources.  You can log into your email and the student portal using your network username and password which you are given on your first day of school.

A laptop or computer will be useful to support your learning.   The basic requirement is that you will need Microsoft Office so any PC or Mac will do. If buying a new one lookout for one with an SSD which is good for performance and is common in most basic laptops. These can also connect to our wifi if you do decide to bring it to school.  More information about our IT provision at the College can be found here.

If there is specialist software needed, you will be able to access that from your school virtual desktop, again which can be accessed from a PC or Mac.


The VLE contains learning materials which have been placed here by your teachers.  Additionally, the VLE contains links to other online resources such as your College email account and the student portal.  We recommend all students to use the VLE daily and to use this as a starting point to access all College resources.

The VLE is also used to issue your prep.  To see any prep that you have been set you should click on the Tasks button at the top of the VLE homepage.


You should access your email daily to check for any emails which your teachers have sent to you.  You will also receive an email each time your teacher has set you some homework, awarded you an HPL reward or given you a detention.  If you have a smartphone you can set it up to access your College email and you can find instructions on how to do this on the VLE under the IT Support tab at the top.

Student Portal

The student portal is where you can view your timetable, teaching group set lists, school reports and information on merits and detentions which have been given to you.

Your IT teacher will run you through all of these sites in your first couple of IT lessons.

For parents – the Parent Portal

You have used the parent portal to complete forms during the admission process but now you are a parent the portal is where you can view lots of information regarding your child.  Here you will find their reports and grade sheets, awards, academic concerns, absence and importantly keep us up to date with your contact details.

There is lots of other information such as teacher contact details, timetables so do take the time to familiarise yourself with the portal.

The College Rules

We all need rules to help guide us through our lives and at St Edmund’s it is no different.  Our rules grow from the need to respect ourselves, to respect others and to respect the environment in which we live and work.   They reflect the demands of the Gospel teaching about the dignity of the individual, made in the image and likeness of God. Rules do not remove the need for students to use their common sense and to obey the law.

  • For your safety observe the rules concerning bounds and restricted areas of the College.
  • If you are late you must report to reception before going on to class.  If you have been absent, you must bring a signed parental note on the day of your return.
  • Any illness or accident must be reported to a member of staff.   During the day no student may go to the Infirmary without signed permission.  Boarders must not remain in their rooms without the permission of the Infirmary.
  • Regulation uniform must be correctly worn during the school day; when travelling on school coaches; at High Mass and on formal occasions.   Neatness of dress and appearance are required at all times.
  • It is expected that you will do your very best in your studies. To help in this you should carry your planner at all times and use it properly.  It should be signed weekly by your parents and by your tutor.
  • Members of the College must at all times behave in a polite and considerate manner. They must take particular care of guests and visitors.
  • Relations between the sexes must uphold the teaching of the Catholic Church, not causing any offence or embarrassment.
  • Punctual attendance is required at registration, Chapel services, lessons, study sessions, assembly, roll calls and activities.
  • Students must not chew gum, drop litter or damage plants or College property.  They should act positively in picking up litter and reporting damage.

The Student Code of Conduct for the Classroom

If you are to do your best in your studies it is important that you know the rules that govern the way that you work in the classroom.  This allows all students to get on with their work.

I shall conduct myself in lessons in the following ways:

  • I shall arrive promptly and properly dressed for all lesson If I am late, I shall apologise politely and explain the reason at the end of the lesson.
  • I shall enter the room quietly and in an orderly manner and shall place all of my books and equipment on the de
  • I shall stand respectfully while the class prayer is being spoken.
  • I shall bring all of my books, equipment and prep to each lesson.
  • I shall work quietly and without fuss in all lessons, not talking while the teacher is talking and obeying instructions immediately and without argument
  • I shall listen to the teacher at all times and will put my hand up before speaking or asking a question.
  • I shall record the details of my prep in my planner.
  • I shall always endeavour that any work missed through absence is completed as soon as possible.
  • I shall not distract other students and I shall not call out or lose my temper in any lesson.
  • I shall make every effort to keep the teaching and learning environment pleasant for everyone.
  • “If I feel unfairly treated in any way I will speak to my teacher at an appropriate time”.