Meteor lands in the Prep field – all in the name of creative writing

Shocked pupils arrived at the Prep to discover that a meteor had landed in the Prep field overnight!  Smoke was gently rising up with our Grounds staff on hand to make sure all was safe.  This exciting meteor strike just happened to land on a day when all pupils from Nursery to Form 6 were to take part in a day of creative writing.  All the children visited the smoking meteor in the morning sparking their imaginations and set them alight with ideas as they questioned the police, eyewitnesses and watched CCTV footage of the event.

The children enjoyed writing descriptions of aliens, carrying out investigations into meteorites, designing new planets and becoming budding reporters themselves, writing newspaper reports of the event. 

Parents were amazed to see the smoking meteorite when they returned to pick up their children from school.

Literacy Co-ordinator, Alice Sayer said, “We love to teach English in an immersive way and try to give children experiences they will never forget, that will spark their imaginations”.

The Prep and Grounds staff worked so hard to create a realistic meteorite strike and the result was amazing. It was kept a secret from the children and they couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw it in the playground this morning. The school has been buzzing with excitement all day especially for when they also enjoyed their space themed lunch and cakes!