IT & Classroom Facilities

St Edmund’s has an extensive and modern ICT provision including 4 ICT suites in the Senior School and 1 ICT suite in our Prep School.  Each of these rooms contains enough computers to support one to one access with an extensive range of software to support learning.

All classrooms contain an interactive whiteboard with a projector and audio setup to allow our teaching staff to provide media rich and interactive lessons.

Site wide Wireless network is available to all students and staff via our BYOD policy and is used to connect staff laptops and our laptop trollies to enable the use of ICT to take place outside of an ICT suite.

Other specialist areas are also equipped with computers including our Sixth Form Centre, Library, Music Technology Classrooms and the Media Studies department to name just a few.

Recently St Edmund’s have heavily invested in our virtualisation project and all the computers in the College have been replaced with zero clients.  This new set up enables us to push the latest software to all devices keeping everything up to date.  You can read more about this project and it’s benefits to the College and the environment by following this link

To aid in independent learning the College has a range of online resources including College email, Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) and subscriptions to award winning educational websites such as Clickview, Mathletics and GCSEPod.  Access to these sites is available both inside and outside the College and is made possible via our 500MB leased internet line.