Daily Challenges

You can find daily challenges here! You can share your challenge progress with us via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

It is important to stay active during this time, so alongside our physical challenges, you can also take part in daily P.E. lessons with Joe Wicks.

Physics Challenge!

Can you do better than Dr Eves? Send us your engineering challenge videos!

#WordWednesday Challenge

Join Mrs Ager every Wednesday for a word challenge!

Here we have the challenge for the letter ‘A’:

The letter ‘B’:

The letter ‘C’:

The letter ‘D’:

The letter ‘E’:

The letter ‘F’:


As the Country gets ready to mark the 75th Anniversary of VE day on Friday the History department has set students a couple of challenges.  Get creative with your bunting and make some war time favourite cakes, one of which was Carrot Cake; as sugar was rationed the carrot gave the cake the sweet taste!

The students VLE has lots more information so please do get involved now.

Send us your photos as we get ready to celebrate on Friday!







The final daily challenge of the term is for all the Hockey players out there!


A Daily Challenge of the golfers.  Give it a go!


A musical challenge from Mr Woodhall for you to try!

Challenge 4

Practise your skills with this #DailyChallenge from Miss Hebdon!

Challenge 3

Click to see your Outreach Challenge from Mr Upton (also available on VLE

Test your skills with this challenge! 

Sporting challenge from the Prep! 

Challenge 2

Get creative with our Art challenge!


Sporting Challenge from the Prep

Challenge 1

How fast can you go?

Sporting Challenge from the Prep