To all in our St Edmund’s community,

In the midst of global uncertainty, we at St Edmund’s are dedicated to providing all of our students with a consistent and proactive level of care, both pastorally and academically.  We remain a strong, connected, community that utilises the many digital resources that support the school every day but now we use them to continue the academic rigour, pastoral care from students home where ever that may be.

This section of the website aims to bring together information, useful links to student and parent academic resources, wellbeing information, daily challenges and other information.

If when reading this you think that we need to add anything else, then please do let Melanie Burke know, and we will see if we can add it here.

Avita Pro Fide!

Virtual Learning Support

We at St Edmund’s understand that in the midst of global uncertainty, the transition to full virtual learning can be a difficult one. Visit our Virtual Learning Support page for tips and information.


We are living in unprecedented times, and it is completely normal to feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious. Visit our Wellbeing page for:

  • Tips on managing stress and anxiety
  • Mindfulness activities
  • 4 Week Wellbeing Challenge
  • Useful Resources