Busy Boarders

It has been a busy time for our boarders during these first two weeks of the new year.  We were delighted to welcome all, old or new, at the start of term and they all took part in an induction weekend which saw a range of fun activities for them all to enjoy through the day including an inflatable assault course and all year groups joined staff for a welcome dinner.  The

next day they all enjoyed a trip to Thorpe Park, a large theme park, just over an hour away for the day in what was beautiful weather.

Throughout the first week, they spent the evenings continuing to make new friendships, enjoying the range of activities on offer and settle into boarding life.  Over the subsequent weekends, 

the younger students enjoyed visiting a local roller disco to try out their roller skating skills with the older students visiting the iconic sporting and music venue of Wembley Stadium.

All this plus all their academic lessons, evening prep and activity sessions they have certainly been very busy!!