Stocks and Shares

Gifts of publicly quoted shares are a very tax efficient way for both individuals and companies to help St Edmund’s.

As well as being exempt from capital gains tax, gifts of quoted shares and securities also attract tax relief. The full market value of the shares at the date of disposal can be deducted from your income and relief can be claimed at your top rate of tax on your Self Assessment tax return.

For example: if you sell shares you purchased for £1000 some years ago for say £20,000 to fund an income-tax-efficient donation to St Edmund’s, you could be faced with a Capital Gains tax bill.

However, present legislation allows you to donate the share portfolio as it is to St Edmund’s, to have no liability for Capital Gains, and to receive an income-tax benefit of up to £8000.

The income-tax benefit arises from the fact that you are able to deduct the £20,000 value of your shares from your taxable income. The relief is claimed on the Self Assessment tax return; there is no need to wait for a Revenue repayment.