St Edmund’s Mission Aims and Ethos

Rooted in Christ and Catholic tradition and under the guidance of our patron, St Edmund, we aim to realise the God-given potential, in body, mind and spirit, of all members of our community through service and leadership.

Avita Pro Fide! For the Faith of our Fathers!

At St Edmund’s we strive to:

  • Provide a rounded education for the whole person – intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual.
  • Reflect the scholarship of St Edmund by offering a balanced and challenging curriculum for each individual.
  • Show concern for all within the College community, demonstrate our collective commitment to be truly Christ-centred in all we do, and ensure that the students’ experience of relationships within the College reflects the Gospel maxim, “Love thy neighbour as thy self”.
  • Build on our enriching Catholic heritage, making prayer, worship and liturgy a central part of our lives and our community.
  • Create meaningful interaction between the College, home and the wider community and prepare our students to make their way in the world while making a difference to the world.